Forthcoming UK Theme Park Signs Deal With... ITV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plans for the "UK Disneyland" have taken a bizarre turn, with the forthcoming London Resort failing to license the likes of Star Wars and Harry Potter or anything equally exciting from non-Disney global content farmer Paramount, and instead turning to the thrilling intellectual property of national broadcaster ITV.

Yes there is a quote from someone at ITV who is happy, but perhaps baffled about the possibility of seeing ITV brands somehow incorporated into a theme park, with ITV's Steve Green saying: "We are thrilled to be onboard with this world-class project, which will offer fans a whole new way to experience our brand. ITV Studios creates more than TV, building global franchises loved by generations of families, and we look forward to seeing our biggest global brands brought to life on such a grand scale in the UK."

The upshot is that some poor log flume guy is now having to work out how to incorporate Taggart or Inspector Wexford into the schematics, with Steve Norris from London Resort explaining that "...ITV has properties which have never been transformed into truly unique experiences" without pausing to wonder or ask someone exactly why that might be.

There may be some potential Hollywood action on offer, though, as the resort is also thought to have signed a deal with Aardman Animations, creator of the internationally renowned Wallace & Gromit series. So there could at least be a nice selection of cheeses on offer in the food franchises. [Guardian]