Gatwick Boss Expands on Drone Attack "Insider" Theory

By Gary Cutlack on at

Gatwick's chief operating officer Chris Woodroofe is about to star on BBC's Panorama, where he'll make the claim that the drone chaos that struck the airport late last year was almost certainly an inside job.

This matches up with what local police have previously said, with Woodroofe saying that whoever disrupted the airport "...seemed to be able to see what was happening on the runway," adding that " was clear that the drone operators had a link into what was going on."

They also chose a model of drone that wasn't on the tracking databases of the airport's DJI Aeroscope off-the-shelf drone detection system, which is either a big coincidence or shows someone had at least a technical "in" into the airport's methods of operation and the hardware being used. He's also sure there actually was a drone and it's not all a case of mass paranoia, as he said the reports came from "...members of my team, people I have worked with for a decade, people who have worked for thirty years on the airfield, who fully understand the implications of reporting a drone sighting."

A Panorama special, The Gatwick Drone Attack, including these words and 28 other minutes of investigative content, goes out on BBC One tonight. [Panorama]