Google Maps Now Shows Which Electric Car Chargers Are Free

By Holly Brockwell on at

Encouraging drivers to use electric cars over fossil fuels is good for us all, and Google has already done its bit to help by adding the locations of EV charging stations to Google Maps so they're easier to find. Now, though, it's going a step further by telling you whether those stations are in use or available.

The update is rolling out across the UK and US and currently includes chargers from Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect, according to a Google blog post, and will add ChargePoint shortly. Tesla's Superchargers are shown on the map but don't currently include the availability information.

To find a charger near you, search "EV charging stations" in the app.

Some of the resulting charging points on Google Maps have more information than others, with the better filled-out ones including the number of chargers, charging speed, port types, prices and even reviews. Now, some of them will also say if the charger is in use or not, which is really handy before you go charging (sorry) down there only to find it occupied.

Can we have this for public toilets too...?

The update hasn't appeared for us yet, but it's on the way to Google Maps on web, iOS, Android and Android Auto. On mobile, check if there's an update waiting in the app store or Play Store to find out if you have it yet (iOS, Android).

Main image: Paul Robertson via Flickr CC