High Court Tells Mumsnet to Identify Forum User

By Gary Cutlack on at

The poo anecdotes of Mumsnet are currently playing second fiddle to a much wider and nastier scandal, with the site accused of allowing anonymous users to run wild with the abuse of others. It's all turned so nasty that the High Court has got involved and has issued an order to have one user's data revealed.

The complaint was lodged on behalf of activist Stephanie Hayden, who has been repeatedly asking the site to reveal who's behind a series of posts that she says amounted to defamatory comments. The High Court has agreed, and ordered that Mumsnet de-cloak the anonymous poster – who worked under the name ALittleHelp18 – and provide Hayden with the poster's actual real name, address, email address and birth date, if such details were truthfully entered.

If the poster used made up personal data, which is probably quite likely, that's the end of Mumsnet's responsibility; although if a real name is found, Hayden is then able to pursue legal action over the original comments. Mumsnet has until 4pm tomorrow to hand over the details. [The Times]