Huawei Donates P30 Phones to RSPCA for Better Photos of Rescue Animals

By Holly Brockwell on at

Today's Good Guy of Tech award goes to Huawei, which has joined forces with the RSPCA to help rescue animals find a home.

Yes, it's probably to try and deflect attention from all the negative stories flying around about Huawei at the moment, but a good thing is a good thing, and we're happy to hear it.

New research and common sense reveals that rescue animals with less-appealing photos aren't as likely to be enquired about and adopted, so the campaign is all about helping take better ones. The RSPCA has long since found that dog breeds like English Bull Terriers and all-black cats take far longer find a home, through no fault of their fluffy own, for instance.

The research says that 56 per cent of Brits "admit they would skip over a picture of an animal that was less aesthetically pleasing," while 44 per cent said a rescue animal's physical appearance is important to them. It's not hard to imagine that the rise of Instagram and "pet influencers" has a lot to do with this.

The difficulty in getting a shot of a black cat that doesn't just look like a hole in the photo is often mentioned, for instance, although we'd argue you just need to step up your photography game. This is my black cat, Mawri:

(Although admittedly this was shot on a Huawei phone, the Mate 20 Pro).

Huawei and the RSPCA worked with Olympic silver-winning gymnast Louis Smith for a mini documentary called The Unadoptables that will make you feel things:

Smith comments:

"It’s heartbreaking to see animals who have found themselves in a rescue centre through no fault of their own. All rescue pets deserve a home of their own and, as the research shows, their profile pictures can be crucial to catching the eye of a potential adopter, in the initial stages.

A good photo shows off their amazing personalities, which might just be enough to find them their perfect home and the Huawei P30 Pro makes capturing high quality images easy."

Yes, it's a big ad for the phone, but if that's what it takes for big tech companies to step up and help with societal problems like this, we're OK with it.

Huawei has donated 20 new P30 Pro handsets to RSPCA rehoming centres across the country as part of the campaign.

Justin Costello, Director of Marketing for Huawei UK and Ireland comments:

"The fact that our devices are being used to help find animals who are struggling to find a home across England and Wales is very rewarding. We support the great work that the RSPCA do and we’re glad that we’re able to help them achieve their mission with the easy to use camera and AI assistance on our P30 Pro device."

And Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of Pet Welfare at the RSPCA adds:

"We go above and beyond to find all the animals in our care a loving, forever home and we want to do our best to show them and their unique characters in the best light. Every pet is an individual with their own personalities and needs and it is so important they find the right home. We’ve partnered with Huawei to raise awareness about our harder-to-rehome pets and hope their new, pawfect profile pics will help find them their furever homes."

There's more information about how you can help, adopt and donate at More of this, please.