Insurer Offers Flat Battery Cover for EVs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The motor insurance company by the typo nightmare name of LV= has launched a range of policies specifically designed for drivers of full electric cars, which offer the benefits of a national recovery service to the nearest public charger should drivers pull a Clarkson and fail to find a working charging station before their batteries die.

LV= also offers other specialist cover options for electrics too, with their bespoke EV policies covering the massively expensive new wave of electric vehicle consumables like replacement charging cables and damage to home charge points, plus it'll also arrange to have electric or hybrid courtesy cars organised, should the policy holder's problem be more serious than something solved by a tow to the nearest charge point.

The company's claims director Martin Milliner said: "If we are to help make people feel more comfortable with the shift to electric vehicles over the next few years, then insurance must keep pace. Electric cars have very specific needs. Our new insurance addresses this and drivers can be confident of making the change to these cars of the future, knowing they have the right cover to protect them." [This is Money]