Irritating Drone Owners Warned to Keep Their Toys Away From Trains Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

Drone owners have found a new way to annoy the rest of the population; bothering trains now too. This development is being talked about in serious voice fashion by Network Rail and British Transport Police, who say a rogue pilot endangered the timely running of a heritage service as it ran between Farnborough and Woking earlier this month.

No one's suggesting any train might've been destroyed, derailed or in any way harmed by the incident, mind, although footage of the drone flypast – taken as steam revivalist Flying Scotsman passed though – was described as showing a "dangerously close" drone pass and freaked out transport chiefs to such an extent that they picked up the blue telephone and called in their chums at British Transport Police to investigate.

BTP took the opportunity to remind drone users that it really is against new modern laws to fly drones too near rail lines, explaining: "It is a criminal offence to fly a drone on, over or within 50 metres of the railway and it is important that any would-be drone pilots are aware of this. These strict guidelines, put in place by the Civil Aviation Authority, are there to ensure the safety of those who are using the railway, including passengers, rail staff and the pilots of the drones." [Network Rail]