It's Official: the OnePlus 7 is Going to be Announced on 14th May

By Tom Pritchard on at

I haven't really felt the hype for OnePlus 7. Mainly because the number of decent leaks we've had has been at a trickle, and the information we've had hasn't really been that interesting. But the phone is coming, and the company has officially announced that the OnePlus 7 launch event will begin at 4pm on 14th May - just like the rumours promised.

Like the last two launches OnePlus is selling tickets for overzealous fans to turn up and coo at the new phone (or phones, if rumours are to be believed) in person, promising attendees will be among the first to see and try the OnePlus 7. But rather than having a single event in one city, where only a handful of people can show up, this time OnePlus is having a whole string of events in cities all over the world. The important one for us to mention is at the Printworks in London, but there will also be events in New York, Bangalore, and Beijing happening at the exact same time.

Tickets are on sale now from the OnePlus website, and will cost you £16. Officially that's a limited-time discount which will only be available until 25th April, but seeing as how the OnePlus 6 launch event sold out in six hours I doubt they'll last that long. Of course if you can't go to the launch event in person you can tune into a livestream that will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

That's probably the better option to be honest. For starters it's free, doesn't require you to get to an event, and then you can switch off if you get bored. Phone launches aren't very interesting places to be, even if you're lucky enough to see the announcement of a phone that's actually interesting, and that's why I've learned to avoid them if I can. But hey, I'm not your mum, I can't lecture you on how to spend your time and money.

Word is that this particular line of phones will be focussing on display over speed, with rumours promising one with resolution beyond the usual Full HD/1080p and a 90Hz refresh rate. There's also speculation that the OnePlus 7 Pro could come with a curved display, like Samsung's Edge display, which should be an interesting addition. Interesting in that it's a completely pointless feature that would seem contrary to OnePlu's philosophy of "no useless or half-baked features".

But it's only three weeks until we find out for sure. We can wait three weeks, right?