KFC Won't Sell You its Easter Hot Cross Burger

By Holly Brockwell on at

KFC’s chief innovators (why didn't our careers teachers tell us this was an option?) have been experimenting with Easter-y versions of fried chicken, and they think they've hit upon something magical.

The Hot Cross Bun burger is exactly what it sounds like:

The Classic Fillet Burger bun has been replaced with a traditional Hot Cross Bun, then stuffed with a succulent Original Recipe chicken breast fillet and served with fresh lettuce and mayo.

But while press releases about temporary new food treats are usually intended to sell said treats, KFC's just wants to let you know that it exists. Because it's not on sale.

The company says it wants to make sure "this Easter burger is a hopping success" before unleashing it on the public, but "if it gets egg-cellent feedback, KFC Hot Cross Bun Burger could make its Easter debut across the nation next year."

NEXT year? What do you think this is, a website for people with patience? We're all about the instant gratification at Giz UK and frankly we are disappointed.

That said, KFC magnanimously points out that you can make the burger yourself at home by buying one of the regular ones, chucking the bun and replacing it with a hot cross bun. Great, thanks, definitely couldn't have worked that out.

They even included the recipe:

1. Simply cut the Hot Cross Bun in half and toast it

2. Add a layer of mayo to the bottom bun, followed by a layer of lettuce

3. Place your Original Recipe chicken fillet on top

4. Add your top bun and nibble away!

I mean, we could also make fried chicken at home, but that's not the point of KFC, is it? Give us our Easter burger, damn you.