Lego's Next Architecture Set is London's Trafalgar Square

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego isn't always the greatest communicator when new sets are announced, and sometimes it won't even tell you that new products are available to buy. But normally, barring some leaks, announcements come through usual channels like press releases and social media. The Architecture theme's representation of London's Trafalgar Square was a different story entirely.

We only know this set is coming because Lego announced there would be a special signing event on 27th April at the Leicester Square Lego store. That announcement came from Facebook, of all places, and only included the bare minimum number of details. For instance we know the set number is 21045, and that it has been designed by long-time Architecture designer Rok Zgalin Kobe. But that's about it.

We don't have a price, a piece count, or even a proper release date, meaning those who don't live within close distance of central London are going to have to wait an unspecified amount of time before they can buy their own. And the Lego website is down for maintenance at the time of writing, so we can't check there for any details conveniently left off the Facebook event page.

Still the architecture theme is not known for being cheap, and with all the fiddly little pieces it's not really meant for the faint-hearted. The trees alone look like they're going to be a small challenge by themselves. That doesn't even account for the lions at the base of Nelson's Column, or the process of putting together the National Gallery in the background.

The signing event itself is on 27th April, as mentioned before, between 11am and 2pm. There's also a two set limit on people willing to queue up for a signature. [Brickset]