Looks Like There's a Marvel AR Headset on the Way from Lenovo

By Holly Brockwell on at

All the way back at IFA 2017, Lenovo surprised us with a Star Wars Mirage AR headset that let you play Dejarik holochess and fight your mates with your mighty lightsaber. Now, it sounds like they might be making something similar for the Marvel universe (minus the lightsabers, of course).

The company has filed a document with the FCC in the US that mentions a "standalone Marvel controller" and "Marvel package," although the actual details are redacted, leaving us to speculate excitedly on the AR headset we'd most like to see.

The filing talks about Marvel controllers for the Mirage 1.5 range, which includes the standalone Mirage Solo Google Daydream headset and the 180-degree fish-eye VR Mirage Camera as well as the Star Wars package.

As Engadget points out, what we can see of the FCC filing could equally refer to Marvel-branded controllers for the existing Star Wars headset, but that would be a strange crossing of the streams. That said, the Jedi Challenges on the existing phone-powered headset came via an app, so it could be that a Marvel-themed app is coming and Lenovo's doing some hardware to match.

The model number makes us think it is a whole new headset, though -- aside from the fact it's been 18 months since the original (a long time in tech), the Star Wars kit had was numbered AAC151B and the Marvel filing contains the number AAC161B, which rather sounds like a new generation of product to us.

Of course, Avengers: Endgame is coming out in less than ten days and we're already at Full Hype for that, so it'd be a great time for Lenovo to bring out some co-branded hardware to ride the publicity train.

What would you want to see from a Marvel-themed AR headset? Which bits of the MCU do you most want to virtually step into? Let us know in the comments, we need people to speculate breathlessly with us until we get a proper announcement.