LG's Foldable Phone is So Simple, it's Almost Boring

By Holly Brockwell on at

Once again, the render-spotting eagles at LetsGoDigital have spotted a patent for a new foldable phone, and once again we're disappointed.

We've had Google's hand-like design (as illustrated with gifs of Ross Geller), Lenovo's absolutely baffling dual-screen effort, and now this from LG:

Those images were created by LetsGoDigital from the info in the patent, which unusually includes a photo:

If you're thinking "wow, that phone is mega thin," it's just the screen. Sorry.

Like the Google and Lenovo designs before it, the phone likely won't be able to fold flat, which will no doubt annoy some people.

The design is probably the most obvious for a bendy smartphone: a normal phone that folds in half. However, because we're spoilt techy types, we're kind of underwhelmed — bendy phones are still a really new category, but we've already seen much more interesting form factors in the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, among others. So while this design makes sense, it would also have made a much bigger splash this time last year than it will now.

LG's own sandwich phone at MWC was more interesting, for instance:

Still, everyone knows a smartphone is a lot more than just the specs and design, so we'll wait and see what LG comes up with and how they market it before we make any decisions. Fingers crossed this one will at least be more affordable than the £2k-ish foldy phones from other manufacturers. [Pocket Lint]