Local Dog Poo Wars Take Patriotic Turn

By Gary Cutlack on at

Activist members of the Waterside Action Group in the Lancashire town of Colne are raging about dog poo, as local activists are wont to be, and have taken to flagging up the animal deposits. Literally.

Hence parts of lovely and probably-historic-in-some-way Colne are now covered in mysterious little union flags, but don't go investigating them as each flag marks a dog poo. At least you know where not to have your picnic.

WAG member Liz Hurley said: "We place the flags next to the dollops, photograph them and then send the evidence to the cleansing department at the council and demand a clear-up. The flags are then removed and disinfected to be used the following week at a new location."

Over 200 flags were placed in the first batch of poo-outing, with the shamed local dog owners keen to blame a small minority of other local dog owners for not clearing up after their pets, as is ever the case in every town and parish across this great, but slightly poo-tarnished, land. [Lancashire Telegraph]