Look at All These Messed Up Galaxy Folds

By Hudson Hongo on at

Just days after Samsung gave its £1,800 foldable smartphone to reviewers, a troubling number of journalists say their Galaxy Fold units are all jacked up.

Reporters at CNBC, The Verge, and Bloomberg have all tweeted images showing seemingly distinct problems with the Galaxy Fold – although in the last case, the reviewer may have helped fuck up the phone himself.

“There’s something pressing up against the screen at the hinge, right there in the crease,” wrote The Verge’s Dieter Bohn, describing a problem with the Galaxy Fold review unit he initially received. “It’s a distressing thing to discover just two days after receiving my review unit. More distressing is that the bulge eventually pressed sharply enough into the screen to break it. ”

Perhaps the worst apparent issue, however, was experienced by CNBC’s Steve Kovach, who shared a video of the Galaxy Fold’s screen flickering erratically after “one day of use.” On Twitter, Kovach said he did “nothing” to the phone: “just unfolded it!”

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee said his Galaxy Fold’s screen died after he, too, tried to peel off the screen film. For what it’s worth, Gizmodo has not had any issues with our review unit so far. But at nearly two grand a piece, it’s certainly worrying to see so many problems with the phone so soon. The device is expected to ship to consumers later this month.

We reached out to Samsung about the fucked up phones and will update this story if and when they reply.

Featured image: Steve Kovach