Lucky Gits in the US Can Have Amazon Packages Left in Their Garages

By Holly Brockwell on at

The tech world is annoyingly obsessed with garages.

Take this meme that's forever going around:

Even though it's really, really misleading.

And now, just to rub in the fact that most of us don't actually have garages – and if we do they're being rented out as "spacious studios" for £800 PCM by our landlords – Amazon US has announced it'll deliver packages directly to rich Americans' car houses.

The oddly-named Key for Garage is part of Amazon Key, which is a service whereby Amazon will put your package in the boot of your car (same problem as the garage, TBH) or directly inside your house to avoid the (significant) problem of package thievery.

Some people understandably don't fancy letting a random Amazon driver into their home unaccompanied, hence Key for Garage.

The service will only be available to people with garage door openers from two companies (LiftMaster and Chamberlain) compatible with the MyQ system. If yours isn't included, Amazon will kindly sell you a retrofitting kit for $50 (about £38) instead of the regular price of $80 (about £61). They'll also sell you a package including an Amazon Cloud Cam so you can check on your beloved package from wherever you work that pays you enough to own a garage.

The existing Key by Amazon system covers 50 US cities, and Key for Garage will be available in all the same ones, as long as you have Amazon Prime.

We'll just be over here in the UK paying obscene rent for mouldy cupboards, don't worry about us. [The Verge]

Main image: Amazon US