New Sleeper Trains Arrive Three Hours Late on Maiden Chuff

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new Caledonian Sleeper trains with their satisfying modern inbuilt device charging options made their first runs between London and Glasgow last night, with this new dawn of overnight rail failing to beat the classic old problem of arriving at the destination in style but obscenely and unbelievably late.

The first scheduled new train arrived in Glasgow nearly three whole hours later than scheduled, having departed London late last night with a celebratory piped send off. It arrived a bit more sheepishly this morning, though, sneaking in and hoping no one noticed the time, blaming driver problems at an overnight staff changeover for the enormous delay. Travellers going all the way up to Fort William are probably still onboard, the novelty of it all having worn off at least four hours ago.

The corresponding opposite up-down service via Glasgow to London was also three hours late thanks to signalling problems. Staff booked taxis for people who missed their onward connections, plus the huge lateness of the running means the journey slipped into full ticket price refund territory. [Guardian]

Image credit: Twitter