Fancypants New Sleeper Trains are Like "Hotels on Wheels"

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've always fancied travelling on a sleeper train (as we have, after watching Some Like It Hot), this announcement might be a sign from the universe to go for it.

An £150m fleet of brand new Caledonian Sleepers has just been launched, offering a "hotel on wheels" experience with en suites and double beds.

The sparkling new fleet will travel between London and Glasgow and Edinburgh at first, starting in June. Later, it'll also offer routes between Aberdeen, Fort William, Inverness and London.

The en suite rooms include a toilet and a shower, and the trains have been upgraded so that they no longer bump you awake when two sections of the train couple up. 150 newly upgraded couplers will result in a "kiss" rather than a "kick," apparently – which is what you want in the bedroom, ideally.

The Club Car, where you can eat and drink

Ryan Flaherty from Serco, which operates the trains on behalf of Transport Scotland, talks of "a truly magical experience that will transform travel between London and Scotland," but somewhat dampens it by continuing to say:

"People now are very much looking for a decent experience - whether it is in a restaurant, a shop or indeed travelling on a train - and we have gone after that market.

So it's no longer a transactional, overnight thing where you're not going to get a great sleep or a great breakfast. We want to be the best at every single step of the journey."

We'd argue people have always been looking for a decent experience, Ryan.

The double sleeper rooms allow pets including dogs and cats, although you're not allowed to let Fluffles sleep on the bed and you can't take her for a walk through the carriages, no matter how adorable she is. There's also accessible accommodation.

You can book the new Caledonian Sleeper trains now, but remember the new fleet doesn't go into operation 'til June, so don't book for before then.