OnePlus Really Wants To Make Sure You're Not Expecting a Foldable Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

OnePlus is not making a foldable phone. This is not new information, but with the onslaught of foldable devices that are on the way the company has once again reiterated that it is not working on a foldable phone of its own. Instead its focussing all of its efforts into other things. Things that include the long-awaited OnePlus TV.

This not-so-new information comes from Repubblica Italy, who spoke to OnePlus CEO Carl Pei. Pei confirmed that the company has been investigating foldable phone tech, but so far hasn't found a way to actually build one. Certainly not in a way that conforms to the high standards OnePlus says it holds itself to. He admitted that they are interesting devices, but what they offer isn't that different from phones we already have. Which is true, since they are, well, phones.

Instead OnePlus's R&D efforts have been focused on the TV sector, with the goal of offering a TV that follows the same sort of philosophy as its smartphone division. Namely flagship level specs at more affordable prices. Interestingly Pei also has little love for the remote control, instead fixating on a smart display that can also interact with the users' phones. Unfortunately the interview didn't divulge any pricing or release information.

But yeah, no foldable phones in the forseeable future. Leave that to the Samsungs and the Huwaeis to figure out whether there's even a market for them. In the meantime we seem to be in the run up to the launch of the OnePlus 7, with Pei confirming some news would be happening at some point tomorrow. [Repubblica Italy via TechRadar]