Google Pixel Watch Patent Reveals Quick-Change Straps

By Holly Brockwell on at

Pixel fans have long hoped for a Google equivalent of the Apple Watch, and a new patent suggests they'll get their wish this year.

Spotted by Patently Apple (ironically) and granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the filing shows a smartwatch with straps you can change at the touch of a button.

The patent describes different types of watch-band release mechanisms, including ones with magnets and ones with quick-release push-buttons. But of course, the patent tells us pretty much nothing about the watch itself, other than that Google is thinking about how to design one.

Nikkei Asian Review recently reported that Google will launch lots of new hardware this year, including a budget smartphone, a security camera, an updated Google Home and, yes, "a new smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch."

What would you want to see from the Pixel Watch? Any holy grail features that would convince you to buy one over an Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments. [T3]