You Can Help the Bees With Your Wanking, All Thanks to Pornhub

By Tom Pritchard on at

Bees are important. Well most insects are, even if we don't like it when they get into our houses or disturb our picnics. But bees are generally pretty cool gals, and even have their own movie. They're also important for pollinating plants, which keeps the whole planet alive. A lot of work has been done to try and save the bees, but Pornhub has decided it's not enough. It's kickstarting it's own bee-utiful scheme, which ordinary people can help out with alongside their usual wanking habits.

To help out Pornhub has launched the new 'beesexual category', which is exactly what it sounds like. No not clips of Bee Movie or some weird videos of people dressed as bees while they bone. It's 'nature porn' featuring bees frolicking around fertilising plants. Which is a kind of literal porn, albeit not the kind people enjoy watching for the usual reasons. Like being bored and alone in the house, or because your partner is visiting their parents.

Those videos feature voices of various pornstars too, and those stars are featured on the main page in all their naked glory. So, like most of Pornhub, this is clearly NSFW territory.

Let's not buzz around the bush: bees are dying at an alarming rate across the planet due to pesticides, lack of biodiversity and habitat destruction. For the past 10 years beekeepers have been reporting annual hive losses of around 30 percent or more. That's cause for serious concern because without these fuzzy little pollinators, nature simply can't get it on! Bees are crucial for the sexual reproduction of flowering and fruit-bearing plants, which means 70% of the foods we eat today are the direct result of bees banging plants.

The beesexual landing page is SFW, and includes some tips on how you can help the bees. One of them involves not weeding your garden, which has been my excuse for not maintaining my backyard for the past two years. That and the fact it's full of spiders, which I am terrified of.

But every time someone watches a beesexual video, Pornhub will donate money to bee charities across the world. So if you're heading over to Pornhub for some alone time, you might as well throw a few of them on while you browse. Hopefully they can help the bees enough that they're able to finally finish off Nicholas Cage.