Raspberry Pi Now Has an Official Keyboard and Mouse

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Raspberry Pi is a fascinatingly useful piece of kit, and while it can be used to power a great many thing it's still a computer at it's core. And computers always perform better when you have a keyboard and mouse to go along with them. In the past Raspberry Pi users have had to make do with third party peripherals, but no longer. Now you can buy an official keyboard and mouse to show off your brand loyalty.

The better news here is that the keyboard is also available in a UK variant, so you don't have to deal with those pesky US models that don't have all the right keys. Nor do you have to do what I do, and set the OS to recognise it as a UK keyboard and use stickers to ensure you know which bit is which. Not that you'd need to do the first bit, since the keyboard has automatic language detection anyway.

What's normally called the 'Windows' button also has a Pi logo on it, which is cute, and it has three extra USB ports to power other stuff. Naturally it's wired with a USB connector, and is available in white with a red trim for £15.60. There's a black and grey version on the way soon too, but you can't buy that right this second.

The mouse is, well, a mouse. It has two standard buttons and a scroll wheel that's also a third button, just as any mouse should. It's wired as well, available in the same colour schemes, and costs £7.30 on its own. If you want both, and fancy saving yourself 90p, you can buy them together in a £22 bundle.

Both are available today from the official Raspberry Pi store.