Possible Renders of Motorola's New Razr Foldable Leak Online

By David Bash on at

Though we are expecting a Razr foldable phone at some point in 2019, we haven't really had a clue about what it's going to look like. Until now. Maybe.

New apparent renders briefly appeared on social networking site Weibo before being taken down. This is the internet though, so it shortly reappeared on Slashleaks.

The image shows off what is purported to be the packaging, accessories and the foldable device itself. Get a load of that prism-shaped box. Looks flashy for what is reportedly a mid-range phone specs-wise. How much of the rumoured $1,500 ( £1,170) cost will go towards that admittedly pretty packaging?!

It's important to note that images like these can easily be faked, though the renders do appear to be similar to designs shown previously in patent filings.

It's not yet clear if the new Razr will be able to recreate the satisfying snap of its predecessor, but here's hoping. [Slashleaks]

Featured image: Slashleaks