Royal Mail Will Tell You Yesterday if Something's Not Coming Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Royal Mail is changing the way it informs people about the special kind of parcels that come with trackable shipping notifications, and is starting to tell recipients a whole day in advance when their stuff's about to arrive.

That's the plan at least, a plan that won't mean anything comes any sooner, but you'll at least be more accurately disappointed. Disappointed to a two-hour window in some cases as well, as part of this improvement in tracking notifications includes more accurate delivery time slots, as if we don't already know very well what time the postman comes every day, and sit there expectantly behind the letter box.

So you'll know something's coming tomorrow now. The postman will then cover his face in camouflage paint, take his shoes off and and crawl on his stomach up to your letter box to leave a card saying he tried to deliver it but you weren't in, and if you really want it today it's in a depot in Swindon that closes in three minutes' time. [Royal Mail]