Runners Rewarded with Lucozade-Filled Seaweed Capsules at Mile 23 of London Marathon

By David Bash on at

A London startup on a mission to “make plastic packaging disappear” helped replace 200,000 plastic bottles with edible seaweed “pods” at The London Marathon on Sunday.

Tens of thousands of runners were offered the seaweed balls instead of plastic bottles in an effort to curb plastic wastage at the event.

The pods can be cheaper than plastic to produce, and the seaweed membrane is edible and tasteless. Don't like seaweed? The green smelly part is removed during production. If you really can't stomach downing the seaweed packaging though,  It will naturally biodegrade in about six weeks – much quicker than a plastic bottle which, depending on who you're asking, can take between 70 and 450 years.

With the 'Attenborough effect' in full swing as the UK warms up to the anti-plastic movement, more options for biodegradable packaging can only be a good thing. [CNN]

Featured image: Ooho Water