Sainsburys' New BBQ Sausage is Nearly 2 Metres Long

By Holly Brockwell on at

The occasional glimpses of sun we've had in the last few weeks have got us fully hyped for summer, and it seems Sainsbury's feels the same, because the supermarket chain has just launched a ridiculously long sausage for your barbecuing delight.

Awkwardly named the BBQ Sausage Sqwirl (you know, like how Americans pronounce "squirrel"), the pork sausage is a whopping 1.8 metres long and includes "Memphis-style" seasoning including tomato, chilli and smoky paprika.

You can whack the entire thing on the BBQ in one go, and Sainsbury's suggests serving it in hot dog buns with coleslaw. It's intended to serve six, but is anyone else picturing the world's longest hot dog, all for me? Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Rebecca Deeley, Sainsburys' Product Developer, comments between bites:

"Our new BBQ Sqwirl is undoubtedly a showstopper for this season, and we think that no summer barbeque is truly complete without it.

Those wanting to serve up a juicy sausage to family and friends this year can simply fire up the Barbie, place the sqwirl conveniently on it and then flip it over– which means no more chasing sausages around the grill."

The super sausage is in stores now (but not the website, which told us we'd spelt 'swirl' incorrectly – TELL YOUR PRODUCT DEPARTMENT THAT) priced at £3.50 – that's just under 2p per porky centimetre. Bargain. [Metro]