Sainsbury's Launches a Till-Free, Smartphone-Only Supermarket

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new variant of supermarket in [London] town, one designed entirely for people who would rather look at their telephones than have some stranger touch and scan their foodstuffs. It's a posh upgraded Sansbury's and there's no till.

Paying in the refurbished Holborn mini Sainsbury's Local is now done entirely through smartphone from today, with customers trusted to scan their grim on-the-go lunches themselves using the chain's SmartShop Scan, Pay & Go app, then assemble the final bill, pay through the app and walk out; pausing only to scan a QR code to make sure everything worked and no Twixes accidentally went straight in the coat pocket.

There won't be many rioting middle-aged customers waving money around and saying "What about us?" either, as Sainsbury's says 82 per cent of transactions were already of the speedy cashless method at this central outlet -- and there's a help desk with a human on it if some tourist comes in and fails to understand retail trials and tries to buy a classic English chilled sausage roll with a £20 note. [Sainsbury's]