Samsung's Delayed the Galaxy Fold Launch, Possibly Because of Faults

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's not going well for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

While the gorgeous foldy phone hasn't yet reached Note 7 levels of disaster, it has been hit with a fair amount of negative publicity since review units went out to some members of the press -- because those units have broken, either through ignorance or fault. Now, it seems some of the launch events for the phone have been delayed until the problem can be sorted out.

To recap, most of the units had issues because the top layer of the screen looks like a screen protector, and thus quite a few reviewers merrily peeled it off, as they would on other phones. It turned out to be a crucial part of the screen architecture, and thus peeling it off ruined the display. This isn't entirely Samsung's fault, and the company says it'll add instructions to make it ULTRA clear to people who actually buy the £1800 handset that there's nothing peelable on the screen -- but you can see how it happened, and it's not entirely unreasonable to think Samsung might have predicted the issue and warned people.

However, not all the phones broke because of that issue -- the Verge's device seemed to get something lodged under the screen which, again, broke the display, and CNBC's device was "completely unusable after just two days of use" because of a flickering fault.

Now it seems the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China has been delayed -- ostensibly because of a venue problem, but the timing seems a little suspect. Ice Universe, a reliable tech leaker, told SamMobile that two other local events have been cancelled, which rather suggests there's something else going on.

Meanwhile, Samsung US has said its launch of the Fold will go ahead as planned on the 26th -- that's this Friday, as is the UK launch -- but we'll be surprised if they stick to that date. It seems very soon considering the Verge still doesn't have a clear answer about what happened to their device and the company will need time to add better warnings to the packaging about not accidentally wrecking the screen.

The phone has already sold out in the US, despite the negative press.

Whatever the reason for cancelling the event in China, it's not an auspicious start for what promises to be one of the most exciting phones of 2019. Here's hoping the phone doesn't fold.