God Damn. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Already Sold Out in the US

By Tom Pritchard on at

Whatever you think of foldable phones, it's clear that there are plenty of people who are rather looking forward to getting their hands on one. Past research has shown that people are quite keen to get their hands on foldable phones, but the real test would be how many people actually bother to buy the phones when they come out. Things are going well, it seems, since the Galaxy Fold has already sold out over the Atlantic.

American pre-orders for the $2000 (£1800) phone went up on Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning it appears Samsung had run out of the upcoming foldy phone. Samsung broke this news by emailing people who had registered an interest in the device, but hadn't got round to pre-ordering. So yeah, it looks like the Galaxy Fold is going to be quite a popular purchase. Or at least it is in the States.

Unfortunately we don't know how many pre-order units were available, and thus how many have actually been sold. As far as we know stock has only run out at Samsung.com, which means the US networks will presumably have some devices available for people to buy. How many is unclear, and according to Trusted Reviews Samsung has yet to respond to any requests for comment.

What does this mean for us in the UK? Well Galaxy Fold pre-orders are set to open on 26th April from Samsung and EE, and this means anyone who desperately wants one as soon as possible should get their pre-order in straight away. Especially if they want an SIM free version of the phone that's not locked into EE's network and contracts. If you're a bit on the fence then you're probably going to have to make your mind up soon, lest you end up left out.

Then again this is a first generation device with a hefty price tag. No matter how positive the Galaxy Fold has been received so far, future foldable devices can only improve on what's on offer this year. They're probably going to be slightly cheaper too, as companies figure out to make manufacturing the devices more cost-effective. [Droid Life via Trusted Reviews]