Ship Museum Says Boats Aren't Women Any More

By Gary Cutlack on at

Boats and ships in the care of the Scottish Maritime Museum are about to be subtly renamed, as it's been decided to stop imagining the boats as bizarre metal women of the sea, and end the practise of referring to boats as her/she.

This new "gender neutral interpretation" has been decided upon in part because of a wave of vandalism, which saw the existing female pronouns scratched off display boards explaining what the old ships under the museum's care spent their working lives doing.

Museum director David Mann said: "For the second time this year, the museum has been targeted by a vandal, who has destroyed one of the interpretation signs which follow the universally adopted and centuries old maritime tradition of referring to vessels as female. Like other maritime museums and institutions, we recognise the changes in society and are committed to introducing gender neutral interpretation."

Old signs will stay as they are, but any new and replacement ones will use the reliable old English "it" to refer to the inanimate metal and wooden sea crafts. [Scotsman]