Sky Broadband Firmware Update Could Break Your Internet

By David Bash on at

A firmware update for routers is causing internet outages for some Sky Broadband customers.

It appears to only affect customers who are using a 3rd party DNS. This should mean that as long as you're using Sky's default DNS settings, you should be fine.

DNS stands for domain name server. It's the bit of the internet that translates a domain name ( into an IP address ( Some people like to use 3rd party DNS servers to improve speed, or for other benefits not included in their ISP's default offering.

Sky has said that the issue could take up to eight (!) days to fix if people want to continue using 3rd party DNS settings, and so peeved customers are voicing their concerns in hope of some solution. Sky customer support has been offering either a roll-back or a firmware fix to customers, but some aren't happy with the prolonged outage.

A user on the broadband provider's community help forum said:

"I’ll be leaving Sky Broadband if this remains an issue. We should be able to use what ever DNS settings we want."

Another exasperated customer had this to say to The Reg:

"I was advised that Sky had uploaded a firmware update to my hub overnight which caused issues for anyone who might have set up a third party DNS server on their Sky Hub rather than using the default DNS server. This means that I now had a pretty stroppy brick instead of a useful broadband hub."

A Sky spokesman said:

“Our latest firmware update is designed to support new, exciting features coming to Sky Broadband soon. If customers wish to continue using a third party DNS server, they can request a roll-back to the previous firmware which can take up to 7 days however customers will still be able to access the internet using Sky DNS servers throughout this time.”