Sky and Now TV Now Let You Stream to Six Devices

By Holly Brockwell on at

How much TV can one household watch? Well, if you have Sky or Now TV, the answer is apparently "insane amounts."

Both services have increased the limit on the number of devices you can stream content to, meaning you can now have six separate devices registered on your account at one time. That means phones, tablets, TVs, laptops -- whatever you use.

The previous limit was four, which just isn't enough for large families or people with a lot of tech.

However, you can't use all six devices at the same time (that would be madness). In fact, depending on which package you've got, you might only be able to use one at a time. But at least you won't have to keep switching which devices are registered, which gets annoying pretty much instantly.

The streaming apps for Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Go and Sky Q are all included, and on Now TV you can stream on two screens at the same time, as well as switching devices on your account three times a month (really, six devices isn't enough for you?!).

If you're on Sky Mobile, you can also stream TV without using your data.

The new limit is especially timely given that Game of Thrones is back soon, and everyone will be glomming onto Sky Atlantic and Now TV to get the latest episode. [Techradar]