Sony Thinks it Can Sell More Phones With Special 21:9 Cinema Adverts at Vue

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most people can agree that Sony's mobile phones are pretty good devices. The only problem is that nobody is buying them, possibly because there are plenty of non-nerdy people out there that have no idea Sony still makes them. But the Japanese company is trying something new, in the form of special 21:9 adverts that will be playing in Vue cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

The idea is to help promote the Xperia 1, Xperia 10, and Xperia 10 Plus, all three of which have screens sporting a 21:9 aspect ratio. In other words they're really long, but no wider than a traditional smartphone or TV screen. All three devices are the first smartphones to feature a screen of this size, and naturally the company would like to try and promote all the extra benefits of shifting upwards from 16:9 and 18:9. To be honest it's not that daft an idea.

The adverts will run for six months, and if you visit a Vue you can expect to see at least one of those adverts during Vue's annoyingly-long 30-minute pre-film advert slot. Because businesses love to talk about synergy and promote as many areas of their business as possible, they'll also be using clips from upcoming Sony films. Specifically trailer footage from both Men in Black: International and Spider-Man: Far From Home will promote the Xperia 10 and Xperia 1, respectively.

The only question is whether this strategy will work. Does anyone actually watch the adverts in the cinema? Even the people who are there early enough to sit through the whole thing seem to spend the entire sequence playing with their phones, for obvious reasons. Then again, actually physically advertising its new phones is the first step in getting people to go out and buy them. You can't buy an Xperia if you don't know what an Xperia is. It just depends on whether they'll be attracted to the wide-screen display or not.

Personally I think the Xperia 1's 4K OLED display is the far more appealing feature, but what do I know, I just write about this stuff every day. At least the Xperia 10 is pretty cheap.