Starbucks Will Fund Your Degree With Only a Few Massive Caveats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Starbucks is doing something nice for its UK employees who fantasise about doing something more with their lives than building your stupid hot drinks and heating up your stupid paninis all day, with the chain offering to pick up the staggeringly high modern cost that is studying for a degree.

The one enormous caveat is that the degree has to be taken at the Arizona State University, hence it must be done online between shifts on the relentless coffee fountains. The first wave of UK degree applicants is limited to 100 members of staff, although in the US the chain has backed the further educational adventures of around 18,000 of its workers over the last few years; so there's clearly potential to open it up to many more UK staff if this first step proves popular.

Workers will have to have been with the chain for at least three months before applying, plus must not already be in education or hold a Bachelor's degree. [Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan via BBC]