Tesco Cuts Meat With Veg for Healthier Readymeals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco has introduced a new form of foodstuff for the lazy or those looking to cut down on their meat intake without going completely cold pork, ham and turkey; minced meat products that have been diluted with chopped veg.

It takes the boring chopping and peeling stage out of making something at home too, with Tesco saying it'll help anyone stressing a bit about their meat intake reduce their meat consumption almost by accident and spend less time in the kitchen. The range includes readymade beef, carrot and onion burgers, similarly high-veg-content meatballs, and meat and keg koftas, with Tesco making the amazing claim that eating something that appears to be a normal supermarket burger may now be counted as one of your five fruit and veg portions for the day.

It's not an entirely healthy option, mind, as you're now buying a processed product that comes with a list of ingredients rather than pure old meat, with the listing for the above pictured Lean Beef, Carrot And Onion Mince saying buyers are also getting some of their daily allowances of dried potato, dextrose, a duo of emulsifiers and that essential maltodextrin.