The Huawei Mate X May Arrive as Early as June

By Tom Pritchard on at

While Samsung's Galaxy Fold is set to arrive in a month's time, a lot of people are eagerly awaiting Huawei's first attempt at a foldable phone. The only problem is that we have absolutely no idea when the Mate X is due to be released, and Huawei hasn't been particularly forthcoming with information. But, if GizmoChina is to be believed, it may well arrive sooner than many of us expected

The site claims that the Mate X showed up on one of Huawei's official online stores with a June release date. At least that's supposedly when it will arrive in China. Unfortunately we can't verify GizmoChina's claim because it hasn't bothered to link us to the shop listing, or even post a screenshot. We did some digging, but Huawei's in-house retail efforts are pretty poor, and we couldn't find any mention of the Mate X on any of the Huawei retail sites we found.

But while this could easily be bullshit, back at MWC Huawei did promise some markets might see the phone sometime in June. So maybe there's something to this after all, even if there's absolutely no evidence supporting it just yet. Still is a June release is happening then it shouldn't be long before Huawei comes out and tells us what's happening. At least we know for sure that it'll be 5G ready whenever it arrives.

Not that it matter really, because with a pricetag like €2,299 (UK pricing TBA), it's unlikely very many people will have the money to be able to buy the Mate X when it's released. Maybe in a year or two when the second or third foldable flagship hits the shop shelves, but not before.

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