This Amazon Mothership is Terrifying as Hell, Even If It's Completely Fake

By Matt Novak on at

Have you seen that viral video of an Amazon zeppelin that deploys delivery drones? Twitter users are calling it “borderline dystopian” and “what the last human alive will see.” In reality, the zeppelin is totally fake, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. But there’s still reason to be unnerved by what you’re seeing.

The fake Amazon mothership was created by a video production artist in Hiroshima, Japan who goes by the Twitter handle zozi009. As you can see from their renderings, the Amazon zeppelin and drones were created using nothing more than a computer.

Why would a computer-generated zeppelin be scary? Because it’s loosely based on a very real patent that Amazon was awarded in 2016.

The Amazon zeppelin is theoretically supposed to act as an “aerial fulfilment centre” that sends out drones for package delivery. The idea, according to Amazon’s patent, is to deliver goods to large groups of people who are in a relatively small area, like at a sports stadium or music festival. Amazon hasn’t attempted to build it, as far as we know. At least not yet.

Another inspiration for the fake Amazon zeppelin appears to be a hybrid aircraft envisioned by American defence contractor Lockheed Martin.

Amazon has been promising drone delivery for years now, which may explain why a handful of blogs seem to think that the zeppelin is real. But just to be clear, it’s completely fake.

Not everyone is scared of the fake Amazon zeppelin though. Some people on Twitter called it the “first futuristic thing they’ve seen” in a long time. And while that might be true, it’s tough to see how a giant mothership equipped with drones will work out in the long term for humanity.

Did you guys not see any movies in the 1980s and 90s? Or even just the TV show Electric Dreams? Humans aren’t necessary for our capitalist dystopia to continue. That zeppelin will still be flying around long after we’re all dead from a bad case of the skynets.

Featured image: zozi009