UK Jaguar Land Rover Staff Start Compulsory Brexit Holiday

By Gary Cutlack on at

All of Jaguar Land Rover's UK production lines have shut down today. But just for a week. It's part of the firm's Brexit-preparedness efforts, agreed months back to get staff to down tools to stop making cars for a week, lest it end up with more cars than it can possibly sell in the fluid near futures of the infinite Brexit scenarios and the schisms they may, or may not, open up.

Hence around 18,500 staff across JLR's four main UK production facilities are taking this week off. The good news is they're being paid for the duration of their enforced mini career breaks, although will be expected to make up the hours in future, making it more like an enormous, company-wide flexitime experiment than a portentous shutdown of UK industry.

Mick Graham, union convenor at JLR's Solihull plant, said: "We knew we had to take reactive action to mitigate the potential effect of a bad Brexit or no-deal Brexit. Suppliers need notice to get their parts across to us. It was a prudent thing to do." [Guardian]