UK Tesla Model 3 Orders Open Next Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesla's smaller and more affordable EV is going to seem a little more tangible in the UK next week, when the online configuration and ordering systems for the Model 3 are to be switched on for Musk/EV enthusiasts in this part of the world.

Plenty of potential Model 3 owners in the UK have reserved their future dream cars by leaving a £1,000 deposit, although the process is to get real next week – and require somewhere around £30,000 more money to be spent – with the big man himself tweeting that he expects the UK configurator to go live on May 1 or May 2.

It's still possible to reserve one now if you want to get in on the thrill of having a very new thing to talk about, although some bragging shine has been taken off the arrival of the right-hand drive Model 3 thanks to left-hand units already shifting in some parts of mainland Europe. [Twitter]