VAIO Laptops Are Coming Back, Without Sony [Updated]

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember Sony VAIO, the brand with the best logo of all time?

Image: Enrique Fernández via Flickr CC

Why is that the best logo of all time, you ask? Because it represents the transition from analogue to digital: the VA is a wave, and the IO is binary. Cool, no?

Anyway, VAIO disappeared from these shores some years back when Sony decided to drop it, but it's now coming back to Europe as a brand on its own. You go, girl.

The first two products in the new VAIO line will be a two-in-one and a lightweight laptop. They'll be available on Amazon and online from German tech site Trekstor.

Simon Wiedemann from Trekstor (VAIO Business Licensing Partner) comments:

"In the current market, people still want classy and beautiful devices, but no-one can justify spending money on a high end laptop unless it’s also truly useful.

We believe the VAIO is just that, from understanding what you need when you’re giving presentations to the balance between what users really do and battery life. We believe the VAIO fills that gap."

The new laptops will definitely be on the premium end of the market -- the lightweight VAIO SX14 will cost between £1699 and £2499 depending on the configuration:

And the 2-in-1 VAIO A12 will start at £1999 and go up to £2399.

Would you buy-o a VAIO? Let us know in the comments.

Update: The UK VAIO website is now up.