Virgin Media Finally Unveils New 500mbps Broadband

By David Bash on at

We caught wind of it back in February, but Virgin Media has finally announced a new, faster tier for its cable broadband.

Blowing past its previous speed cap of 350mbps, Virgin Media's new VIVID 500 broadband tier offers 500mpbs downloads and 35mbps uploads – 575mbps and 38.5mbps respectively if you account for broadband speed overprovisions.

If you're looking to sample this blistering speed for yourself, you'll have to sign up for Virgin Media's new V.VIP bundle. The V.VIP bundle, as you may have guessed, is quite expensive. It'll set you back £99 for 12 months before increasing to £139 a month. As well as the speed, you get two V6 TV boxes, over 300 channels (including sports and movies), line rental with anytime landline calls and a 12-month mobile SIM with unlimited data and minutes.

For those of us not quite that important, there's a cheaper option available sans some of the frilly bits, but it's capped at a comparatively meagre 350mbps. Bah. [TrustedReviews]