Vodafone's Knocked 25 Per Cent Off its Pet Tracker

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's National Pet Day today, which doesn't mean a whole lot besides even more photos of animals on Instagram (yay!) – but it does mean a bit of money off a pet tracker, if you've been considering getting one.

Vodafone's V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 is a GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth tracker for both cats and dogs that fits on their collar and tracks them indoors and out. It normally costs £105, but between today and the 3rd of May, it's down to £78 – although you still have to pay £4 a month for its data connection. It has a SIM card built in so it can still track your pet when it's out of range of your WiFi and Bluetooth, which realistically is what you need from a pet tracker – they're unlikely to go missing that close to home.

The tracker lets you set 'safe zones' so if Mister Snugglesworth wanders further than he should, you can see where he is and go and get him. It also has an activity monitor built in, so you can make sure he's getting his daily exercise.

It's not the smallest though, especially for cats:

The V-Pet Pod 3 is waterproof and apparently rugged enough for dogs not to destroy easily, and comes with a spare battery you can swap in rather than having to take the whole thing off for recharging. It needs charging every day or so, so the swap system is a good idea – no one wants to be trying to put a collar on a cat every day, you'd have no fingers left.

If you fancy it, the V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 is available directly from Vodafone now.