We're Getting a Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar This Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past several years Lego has got into the whole 'advent calendar' thing, selling boxes full of miniature builds in the deluded idea that people aren't ripping them open and building everything in one go. The staples of this seasonal range are Lego City, Star Wars, and Lego Friends, but this year we'll also be getting a Harry Potter themed one.

It's due to be released on 1st September, and the US price is set to be $40. Before you get too upset about that, the Lego Star Wars advent calendar was also $40 last year and we still paid the usual £25. So hopefully we shouldn't have much problem, though naturally we won't know until Lego tells us what the localised price is.

Obviously there are 24 mini sets to build including minifigures of Harry (in a Christmas jumper), Hermione, Ron (presumably wearing a maroon jumper), Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, Professor Flitwick, and the Hogwarts Architect. I'm not sure who that is, so it sounds like an exclusive for people who buy this for themselves. Also inside are a mini Hogwarts Express, Christmas decorations, bits of the Great Hall, a statue pedestal with the house crests, and Hedwig. Unfortunately we don't know what most of them look like yet.

There's no word on the other advent calendars this year, but given Rise of Skywalker is about to hit cinemas there's very little chance Star Wars won't be included. As for City and Friends, they're a given for anyone who still like ordinary Lego that doesn't come with a licensing price-hike.