You Animals Love Vertical Video So Much Samsung Made a TV That Turns Sideways

By Adam Clark Estes on at

It was bound to happen at some point. Realizing that young people like to look at social media on their phones, Samsung is releasing a new TV in Korea that can flip from landscape mode to portrait mode. That means millennials can beam their Snapchat to a big screen, and who knows if that’s a good idea.

Samsung president Jang Hee Han gives you an idea of The Sero’s size in real life.<

The new Samsung Sero is a 43-inch QLED display that comes on a floor stand. It can also connect to a phone using NFC so that you can broadcast whatever’s on your mobile screen to the TV when it’s in vertical mode. Just picture the millennials sitting back watching cruddy, larger than life Instagram stories. That’s exactly what Samsung wants people to do according to its press release for the new TV. The Sero also comes with Bixby support, built-in microphones, and a 4.1-channel 60-watt speaker, so you can hear your tweets, too.

“Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes,” Jang Hee Han, president of Samsung Electronics’ video display business, told the Korean Herald.

For now, the Sero is only available in Korea. It ships at the end of May and will cost 18.9 million won. That’s £12,600. [Samsung]