You Don't Have to Watch Game of Thrones Illegally With This Now TV Deal

By Tom Pritchard on at

As it returns it's become very clear that Game of Thrones is still just as popular with pirates as it is with people who subscribe to watch TV. Because TV subscriptions are expensive, and naturally there are people who either can't afford to pay for everything or just flat out refuse.  The former group might want to pay attention, because there is an offer that can let you legally watch Game of Thrones without having to spend quite so much money.

Most people will know that Game of Thrones is broadcast on Sky Atlantic in this country, and that means it's also available to people with a Now TV entertainment pass. Normally that pass would cost you £8 a month, but right now there's a special offer that gets you three months for £18. That saves you six whole pounds in the long run, and means you can continue watching long after the six-episode eighth series has concluded. Presumably with all the main characters having died, because gruesome deaths are what that show is all about.

The good news is that anyone who isn't up to date, or wants to marathon through the series to properly  catch up, can. Now TV currently has every episode of Game of Thrones ready for you to enjoy. The only real downside is that the service still insists on a maximum resolution of 720p. Because apparently this is still 2010.

You can take advantage of this deal here. Just remember to cancel, or you'll end up paying the full £8 a month once those three months are up.