Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Labo VR Mode is Now Live

By Holly Brockwell on at

Playing The Legend of Zelda in VR is pretty much the dream for any Nintendo fan, and while we might not yet have the fully-immersive walk-around VR experience we're hoping for, we've just moved a step closer.

Nintendo's free software update to add VR support to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now live, which means you can play the game through the cardboard Labo VR headset.

You'll need the Nintendo Labo VR Toy-Con kit, which either comes as a starter set with a blaster or a full kit with all the weird and wonderful accessories Nintendo's designed.

Then, you just pop your Switch into the headset, switch your game into Labo VR mode on the menu and play away.

You can play all of Breath of the Wild in VR, although with no way to strap the headset to your bonce, that's going to get arm-achey after a while. You might want to look into a MacGuyver solution like this or this:

Super Mario Odyssey also now has a Labo VR mode, although you can only play three specific "mini-missions" in the Cap, Luncheon and Seaside kingdoms.

Weirdly, both games stick to their original third-person camera perspective, rather than putting you inside the body of Link or Mario respectively. So it's not going to feel like finally becoming the Link you've always wanted to be, but it's an innovative, affordable step forward, and that's good enough for us. [SlashGear]