10% off the Iron Man 4K Movie Collection is Your 'F*ck You, Thanos' Deal of the Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

Endgame has arrived, and no doubt most serious Marvel fans will have seen it at least once over the past couple of weeks. But in times like these it's always a good idea to go back to the root of everything, and in the case of the MCU that means popping back to the Iron Man trilogy. Iron Man kicked everything off, and Iron Man 2 really pushed for that whole 'shared universe' idea in a way that Samuel L Jackson's original cameo couldn't.

The good news is that the Iron Man films are available to pre-order in 4K, and you can grab yourself a nice 10 per cent discount over at zoom.co.uk. In other words you're paying £35.10 instead of £39, and while it's not the greatest price cut in history it's definitely nicely timed. Plus it's cheaper than buying them all separately. Have you seen the price of 4K Blu-rays? It's extortion, I tell you. All you need to do is head to zoom.co.uk and use the discount code Signup10.

Then come August Iron Man 1, 2, and 3 will be yours to own in glorious Ultra High Definition. The best part is that this is a pre-order, so you can always cancel it if you find a better price elsewhere.

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