100 Amazon Seller Accounts Reportedly Phished, Breached, and Robbed

By Dell Cameron on at

Last year, around 100 Amazon seller accounts were reportedly breached by cyber criminals, who funnelled money coming in from loans and purchases to their own accounts, according to Bloomberg’s telling of the previously unreported incident.

The breaches are said to have taken place between May and October 2018, according to the press agency, citing redacting court records filed by Amazon’s lawyers in the UK.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Bloomberg reported that a spokesperson had said it concluded its investigation into the matter.

Amazon believes, the report states, that the seller accounts were not hacked, but compromised using phishing techniques, which involve tricking account holders into surrendering their passwords.

The investigation determined the criminals likely set up accounts at Barclays Plc and Prepay Technologies Ltd. to receive the stolen money, a percentage of which Amazon had itself paid in loans to merchants. In a statement to Bloomberg, Barclays said it tries as quickly as possible to shut down criminals’ accounts once identified.

We’ll update if we hear back from Amazon.

Featured image: Getty