20% off eBay Electronics is Your Electrifying Deal of the Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

Welcome to another instalment of daily deals, trying to save you money on things you may or may not known you needed to buy. Bringing you the best (we think) deals on tech and other nerdy shit that we could find while dosing ourselves with a large cup of hot caffeine. Today's main deal? A discount code that will net you 20 per cent off some new electronics over on eBay.

Thankfully this discount code is not for buying electronics from random people, rather a set number of proper retailers who have to follow regulations about what they can and can't sell. So you won't risk buying a microwave from Barry in Newcastle that ends up setting your kitchen on fire. Using the code POP20 between now and 23:59 on 16th May will get you your discount from that big long list of retailers, provided you meet the right criteria.

The main catch here is that you need to spend at least £25 to qualify for the discount, and the maximum discount you can claim is £75. Also you can only use the code once, and you have to be a UK member with a UK-registered shipping address. That last one probably won't be an issue for most of our readers then. But from the looks of things there are some good deals, and the deals sites are currently blowing up with discounts on fancy 4K TVs that take advantage of this code. So whether you need one of those, or just fancy a new blender, it's worth checking out.

Other deals we found today include: