A Limited Number of OnePlus 7 Pro Devices Go on Sale Tomorrow Morning

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't go on sale until 21st May, but if you really want to get it sooner you can. Not only is there a London pop-up on 17th May, OnePlus is offering a limited number of orders tomorrow morning.

The 'community drop' kicks off at 10am BST tomorrow morning (15th May), with a limited number of devices going on sale. It's been promised that they will arrive by 22nd May.

Naturally the limited number is going to be very limited, so make sure to have the OnePlus store open and ready before then. You know the website is going to crash a lot, and we don't know how many phones there are. It could be two, like that Xiaomi sale. So don't miss out, or just be patient.

Prices for the device range from £649 to £799.