A New Galaxy Fold Release Date Will be Decided This Week, Says Samsung

By Tom Pritchard on at

Poor Samsung. It made such a big deal about the Galaxy Fold and what that meant for the smartphone industry, and then it turned out that things were going very wrong with some of the screens they handed out to the press. It was at the point where Samsung even told customers it wasn't sure when the phone would arrive, and was prepping them for the possibility of their order being cancelled. But things are looking up, because the company has revealed it will be deciding on a new release date later this week.

DJ Koh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, has said the company will be making a decision on the new launch date within the next couple of days. He also admitted that there was a flaw that allowed foreign substances to get in the device and case the display issues in question (as iFixit had already deduced in their teardown). While there were no hints of when the launch will be, when asked whether the Fold will launch in the US this month Koh said that Samsung will not "be too late".

Too late for what is unclear, but since Huawei has been teasing the possibility of a June launch for the foldable Mate X presumably Samsung would like to get its product out into the world before its Chinese rival. Because you just know Huawei will never let that go, and will be mocking Samsung for years. Assuming it doesn't have plans to do that already. Huawei just loves to compare itself to Samsung after all.

According to The Korea Herald Samsung has completed its inspection of faulty sample devices, and has been taking measures to ensure similar problems don't happen with other devices. They include strengthening the exposed hinge areas where foreign particles are suspected to have got inside the phone, and minimising the area between the display and the bezel. [Korea Herald via 9to5 Google]